5 Common Homeopathy Myths - Debunked

Mallika Jhaveri , 07 Jan 2021
Homeopathy Concept by juliaap | www.shutterstock.com
Homeopathy Concept by juliaap | www.shutterstock.com

Homeopathy, an alternative method of healing, has been around for centuries. It believes that the body has the power to heal itself, and sometimes, it just needs a little push, which is what Homeopathy medicines do. It is holistic and treats the problem from its very root. While many have used Homeopathy to cure serious illnesses like PCOS, cancer and arthritis, many still believe it is just “mumbo-jumbo”. There are tons of myths surrounding Homeopathic medicine, and we thought it’s time we debunked them. We contacted Dr Varsha Trivedi, M.D. Hom, a Homeopath with decades of experience (and evidence) to clarify some common myths surrounding Homeopathy.

5 Myths About Homeopathy Debunked:

Myth 1: Homeopathy Is A Placebo & Gives Psychological Relief Only

Dr Trivedi says,

This is extremely false. How can it be a placebo when it can treat almost all medical conditions, even those that would have needed surgery, like gall bladder stones. It is very effective and can cure almost every medical illness. It is so diverse that it even works on pets.

It is safe to say that Homeopathy isn’t a placebo and does in fact cure medical diseases and illnesses.

Myth 2: Diabetic Patients Cannot Take Homeopathy As They Are Sugary Pills

Dr Varsha debunked this myth by saying that the maximum Homeopathic dose is 10-15 pills a day. This is a very small quantity of sugar and will not increase sugar levels in the human body. Hence, diabetics can not only take but even benefit from Homeopathy. Diabetes can be controlled with Homeopathy as well!

Myth 3: Homeopathy Takes Months To Work And Isn’t An Immediate Cure

Homeopathy doesn’t just work at the surface, but all the way at the root. Dr Varsha says,

Homeopathy takes time to cure chronic pathological diseases like arthritis which require deep-rooted structural changes in the body. That cannot happen overnight. Take PCOS for instance. Birth control pills may help regularize your periods and work within a month, but they will not actually work towards stabilising your hormonal levels to actually cure PCOS. Homeopathy does that. It may take a month or even six, but it will be treated completely.

She further adds that when it comes to acute illness like fever, sore throat and coughs, Homeopathy works very fast. There is no timeline to effectiveness when it comes to Homeopathy as each illness is different. It also depends on when (at what stage of the illness) the patient begins Homeopathic treatment. So to debunk this myth, yes, Homeopathy does work fast in acute cases and helps fully treat chronic cases slowly and steadily.

Myth 4: Antivirals & Antibiotics Are 100% More Effective Than Homeopathy

Homeopathy, in fact, works better than Antibiotics and Antivirals as it helps improve the patients immunity and increases the body’s resistance to illnesses, which the latter does not do. Plus, unlike Antibiotics and Antivirals, there are no side-effects of Homeopathic medicines.

, says Dr Varsha. She further added and stressed on the fact that Homeopathy is more effective than Allopathy as it is more holistic and cures the illness at the deepest level, not just superficially.

Myth 5: All Homeopathy Medicines Are The Same Sweet White Pills. There Is No Difference Between Them

Dr Varsha disagrees with this myth completely. She says that while all the pills look the same, they are far from it. Homeopathic medicines are actually liquids, made from various permutations and combinations of nearly 3000 elements. The sugar pills are merely used to dispense them as they cannot be taken in their liquid form. Sometimes Dr Varsha dispenses them via powders or even dilutes them with water. Apart from this, each medicine has a different potency, each of which has different effects on the patient. So no, they are certainly not the “same sweet white pills”.

Homeopathy is a science-based and extremely potent form of medicine and is extremely effective! We hope the above “myth-debunking” helped clarify your preconceptions about Homeopathy. If you still have any, share it with us in the comments below!

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