7 Workout Videos That Will Help Kickstart Your Week

Natasha Patel , 11 Jan 2021
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Almost everyone starts the new year by making a decision to get fit. First off, that’s progress in itself, and second comes the part of figuring out what you should do to make that happen. A healthy choice of living isn’t a hard one—one just needs the right nutritional intake, moderate activity, a set routine and the right kind of balance between all these 3. IMHO, if you have (and can) curb or decrease your sugar intake, then you’re quite sorted.

Now comes the activity part… And for that I’ve put down 7 workouts (one for each day of the week) to help move and motivate you to continue and work on your fitness goals for this year. All these workouts have be tried and tested before (by me) and I can definitely say that you’ll feel happies, more energetic and excited for the next day’s workout. Scroll down and check them out:

1. For the energetic playlist that will equal to a happy you!

2. A good & effective thigh & belly workout

3. Upper body strengthening and toning

4. On days you feel like not doing much

5. For a full-body fat burn HIIT workout

6. For a booty burn, targetting your glutes as well

7. Targetting your core with a yoga flow and ab routine workout

And most importantly, don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout!

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