9 Surprisingly Easy Nail Designs You Can DIY At Home

Kanak Devnani , 10 May 2021
Easy Nail Designs To DIY At Home (Source: Instagram | @thehangedit, @nailartbysig)
Easy Nail Designs To DIY At Home (Source: Instagram | @thehangedit, @nailartbysig)

There’s always something special about a freshly painted set of nails. A little pampering and a great manicure especially with some amazing nail art can make you feel on top of the world. But if you make frequent trips to the salon it can get expensive pretty fast. Moreover, not everyone can afford an artsy manicure often. Plus with the current climate, the fewer trips one makes is better. So what’s a girl to do but take her best shot at home. Plus we’re not lacking with the tons of inspiration we can find just by scrolling on Instagram feeds.

But I’m not a nail artist, you say? Well, neither am I but luckily that doesn’t matter. To help you plan your next nail looks I searched high and low and compiled a list of nail design ideas that are simple and easy to do at home! Of course, I’m not going to lie it does take a little patience and a steady hand but I promise it’s worth it.

Keep scrolling to check out our favourite manicure options you can easily ace at home:

1. Abstract Edgy Swoops

A little swoopy with some negative spacing, all you got to do to edge up your nails is curve the lines. You don’t even need a separate brush for this. Just make sure your brush isn’t too loaded with polish to avoid splotches.

2. Overlapping Circles

Cute and fun, leave your nails polish-free except for two circles overlapping each other.

3. Cloudy Days

Dreamy cloud nail art is totally trendy and may seem intimidating but you can totally attempt this easy version. Just paint on your blue polish and use just white acrylic paint from the art store for the clouds. Draw on more cartoony clouds or a. more painterly effects that’s totally up to your creativity.

4. Happy Nails

Turn that frown upside down with this easy to do smiley face nails. This is one mani that will definitely cheer you up. Paint on circles at the tips of your nails, dot on the face and your good to go.

5. Checkerboard Design

Yes, you can totally do this trendy checkboard design yourself. It probably calls for a little patience but I believe in you. All you need is a super-thin brush and a bottle of your favourite polish.

6. French Tips

Want to ace those fun vibrant French tips? A steady hand and this easy DIY tutorial are all you need. 

7. Marbled Effect

Who knew getting the marbled effect was this fun! It might get a bit messy but your nails will look awesome! Don’t forget to show them off on Instagram!

8. Negative Space Pastels

I’m a sucker for a good set of pastels nails and these negative spacing nails in multiple shades are so cute! Mirror the colour order on each hand for a polished look. 

9. Glitter Stripes

How easy is this! It really doesn’t get any simpler than this nail design. Spice up your basic mani by drawing a line down in the middle of your nail. Better yet use a fun glitter or metallic gold in the centre, apply your top coat and your good to go.

Which of these nail designs are you most excited to try first? Let me know in the comments below.

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